In 2012, Nathaniel Maddux and Jeremy Thomas dreamed up an idea over a campfire and medium-rare steaks. Tired of the ego and predictability of outdoor entertainment, they looked for a way to introduce their friends to the outdoors in a way that would be attractive and created higher retention among new folks experiencing hunting.

At the time, the two hunters where taking classes in Seattle, and realized there were a lot of folks who had never had the opportunity to hunt, but were very interested in it. They knew that if these potential hunters were to tune into the typical outdoor TV program, that they would see the disconnect between hunting as God created it, and what much of the industry has come to accept as the norm…. hence UNDIVIDED, a film series about the tradition and heritage of hunting, and about the connections that are made spending time in the outdoors with one another.

Thanks for joining us on this journey to spread the good news of hunting to those who have never had the opportunity to dive into the outdoors like those of us who know and love it!